SGA committee building links between Wichita students

By Matthew Fowler, A&E Editor

Do you remember the goodie bags that the ICT Cross Campus Coalition Committee handed out a few weeks ago? 

That committee does much more than just pass out candy.

The committee was formed three years ago and has recently made some changes to raise awareness and broaden its reach to university students in the Wichita area.

When it started, the committee connected student government bodies at Wichita colleges — Wichita State University, Friends University, and Newman. This year, WSU Tech was added to the committee and received a non-voting position.

The committee was formed to encourage a more diverse discourse between students, their student government representatives, and Wichita’s non-university community. It also aims to increase university civic engagement and the sharing of ideas and information.

Junior Alondra Valle, Newman’s SGA President and co-chair of the committee, said that people probably weren’t aware of the committee because it lacked a finalized constitution, core values and a logo. Now that these have been finalized, she said, the committee is exploring new ways to reach students and let them know about its goals.

“We get asked a lot what ICT CCCC is, so we decided to answer the questions via social media,” Valle said. “The next thing we did was hand out goodie bags with a little paper of what our logo looks like so that students get familiar with the logo.”

Three delegates from each institution meet monthly to represent their student government associations. Newman’s representatives are sophomore Nathan Galicia, sophomore Gabe Trevino, and junior Alondra Valle.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash