Newman club bringing together diverse Wichita cultures

By Matthew Fowler, A&E Editor

Looking for a community-oriented event to attend this weekend? Want to broaden your cultural perspective and get a taste of Wichita’s diverse cultural dishes?

Newman’s Multicultural Leadership Organization is hosting its seventh annual Cultural Extravaganza from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday in DeMattias and the Founders’ Plaza, and it will offer new activities and performances this year. 

The Cultural Extravaganza will include a buffet, music and dance performances, vendors, a photo booth and a raffle. A list of the performers, booths, and sponsors can be found at MCLO’s Instagram page, @nu_mclo, along with a map of parking and the locations of activities.

Attendees will enter through the west entrance of DeMattias. Guest parking is in lot C and lot D on the northwest side of campus.

Admission is $5 for students and staff, $8 for non-students ages 10 and up, $3 for children ages 2-10, and free for children under 2.

MCLO President and the event’s director, junior Natalie Trigo, said this event has a unique role in displaying and unifying Wichita’s cultural diversity. MCLO’s goal is to promote cultural awareness, unity and leadership in the community.

“This event and MCLO are very special to me because they highlight multiple cultures,” Trigo said. “Wichita has various cultural events throughout the year, but I rarely see cultural festivals that highlight multiple cultures. What’s special about this event is it takes a community effort. (The event) would not happen without the help of local restaurants, talented performers, passionate vendors and organizations, and volunteers across Wichita. Coming to Cultural Extravaganza will expose how diverse the Wichita community really is.”

Trigo also said that she hopes this Cultural Extravaganza will build off last year’s success and bring an appreciation of various cultures to more people from the community.

“Last year’s (event) was very exciting because we had tons of new performers and booths/vendors participate,” Trigo said. “The audience was also very engaged in the mini games between performances and got to win several gift cards. KAKE news also came to document the event, so we hope more people become aware of this special event, and more people from the Wichita community will come.”

Contributing: Victor Dixon of the Vantage

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, MCLO