New series illustrates a day in the life of a Newman student

By Sydney Endicott, Photographer

A new feature on Newman’s social media channels is “A Day in the Life,” a video piece that shows how different students spend a typical day. So far, five students have shared their “Day in the Life” experiences on Facebook and Instagram. 

Newman Digital Content Specialist Amy Emerson started the feature last year but at first called it #TakeoverTuesdays.

Jack Schafer, Newman’s Digital Community Coordinator, helps Emerson with the project.

“I figured DITL videos would be a fun way to showcase not only to current students, but to prospective students as well, what it is truly like to be a Newman Jet,” Schafer said. “Knowing that people would not only like the videos because their friends or people they recognize are in it, but also be interested to see what the average day of different students are like, were both reasons why we wanted to start it.”

The first Day in the Life video was published on Newman’s socials on Feb. 26 and featured Senior Sataizha Buckner White, who showed what it was like to be a student in Newman’s respiratory care program.

With each video, a new student has the opportunity to show how they go through a day, getting ready, going to classes and participating in extracurricular activities.

Schafer said his department asks each student to film and put the videos together.

“Allowing the student to make the video themselves gives them the opportunity to not only show their day but their creativity as well,” Schafer said. “An example of this would be deciding if they want to narrate or just make a compilation of clips with music over them, showing what they do outside of Newman. It is completely up to them.” 

Getting the project up and running was a big goal of Schafer’s and Emerson’s, they really wanted to showcase how different and unique each student at Newman really was. 

“Every student has a unique perspective from day to day, and many juggle everything from classes and athletics to work and extracurriculars like theater, music, art, service, etc,” Emerson said.

Schafer said he hopes to continue the project into next year and get many more students to participate.

“I think it gives students a fun and unique opportunity to show their life to everyone,” he said. “We want to get a wide array of people doing it so anyone watching can truly get a feel for what it's like to be X, Y, Z major, the leader of a club, student-athlete, commuter, etc,” Schafer said. “The more different perspectives we get, the better.”

Any student interested in being featured on A Day in the Life can respond to the story highlighted on Newman’s official Instagram, labeled “DITL,” or can email Schafer at

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Unsplash