Annual Jetspy awards will recognize the year's top athletes

By Mikenna Barcelona, Staff Writer

They’re not the ESPY Awards – ESPN’s annual awards show recognizing the top athletes in the nation.

But at Newman, the Jetspy awards are an even bigger deal. 

The annual banquet, which each year celebrates Newman’s best athletes and most memorable athletic performances, is coming up. They’ll happen on April 30 in the Fugate Gymnasium.

The Jetspys will pass out 24 awards in total for both men and women. Aiden Coffelt, president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at Newman, said that each team has a SAAC representative who nominates athletes on his or her team for specific awards. 

Once the teams pull together their nominations, they are given to Associate Athletic Director Maureen Rohleder, Athletic Director Joanna Pryor and Assistant Athletic Director Zach Brake for final analysis. The list of nominees is then sent out in an email to all the student athletes to cast their votes.

Among the awards presented at the Jetspys will be Mr. and Ms. Jet, which is given to the athletes who represent Newman spirit and demonstrate all-around excellence in athletics, academics, character and service. Another award is Athlete of the Year, given to the most outstanding athlete in a given year. Hayley Bonython, a junior from Adelaide, Australia, was nominated for female athlete of the year. 

“It’s exciting coming from a junior college to experience something like Jetspys,” said Aonython, who previously attended Labette Community College in Parsons.  “I have never experienced anything like this, so I am thrilled to see what it’s like.”

Coffelt said that SAAC tries to keep the Jetspys as much like the ESPYs as it can and includes a red carpet that athletes walk in formal wear.

“I am looking forward to seeing all the student athletes come together and be awarded for all the hard work and dedication they put in to get to this point,” Coffelt said. 

The Jetspy’s was created 7 or 8 years ago to replace the senior banquet Newman had for athletics. Rohleder said that Newman wanted to celebrate and recognize both teams and individuals who made contributions to Newman Athletics. 

Here are some of the nominees for the Jetspy’s Award:

Athlete of the year

Carlos Bellosta, soccer, senior

Jace Fisher, wrestling, junior

Noah Akiona, bowling, sophomore

Reagan Longei, cross country, junior

Stevie Strong, basketball, junior

Dana Issabayeva, tennis, junior

Hayley Bonython, softball, junior

Mackenzie Tenres, cheer, senior 

Patricia Limo, cross country, senior

Breakthrough athlete of the year

Ana Zeikidze, women’s tennis, junior

Cole Munley, men’s bowling, sophomore 

Dylan Sheler, wrestling, sophomore

Joe Kinneberg, baseball, senior

Olivia Parsley, volleyball, senior

Comeback athlete of year

Jackie Gold, softball, senior

Justin Pachanec, men’s bowling, senior

Game of the year

ESports win over Atlantic University (made league finals). 11/27/23

Men's Basketball overtime win against Fort Hays State. 12/17/23

Men's Bowling school record breaking at SWIBC 6 in Plano, Texas, on 1/21/24

Men's Soccer defeats top-20 ranked Southern Nazarene on the road

Softball win at East Central 9 runs scored in extra innings

Women's Bowling win over No. 7 Louisiana Tech 1001-988

Mr. Jet: 

Braxton Muldoon, golf, sophomore 

Chase Wiebe, basketball, junior

Kyle Silmon, cross country, junior 

Luca Penteado, tennis, senior

Sam Somerhalder, basketball, sophomore

Ms. Jet

Aiden Coffelt, golf, sophomore 

Alexa Puerto, cheer and dance, senior

Jordan Webster, soccer, senior

Natalie Trigo, volleyball, junior

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash