New year. New editor. New Vantage.

By Courtney Klaus, Editor- In- Chief

Hello, my name is Courtney Klaus. Perhaps you’ve seen me jogging around campus like a dork with my room keys jiggling around my neck. Maybe you’ve seen me stuffing a donut in my mouth like a Neanderthal on the university Instagram. You may even have read a few of my Vantage articles before.

Well, it’s this donut-loving dork’s biggest honor to be the new editor-in-chief of the Vantage.

I am beyond excited to start the year. I have an amazing team of editors, writers and photographers who are ready to bring you news that is investigative, honest, and easily accessible.

If you’ve visited our official Newman Vantage website recently, you may have noticed things are a bit different now. Over the summer, Managing and Online Editor Emily Larkin, Newman Alum Jacob Hobbie and I kept busy completely restructuring and redesigning our website.

With a new host and theme, our website should be more reliable, user friendly, and a bit easier on the eyes.

The goal of our new website is to provide more interactive content. Currently, every article includes a comments section that can be accessed through Facebook or Newman email.

We also hope to start making some videos exclusive to our website to add some variety to our news.

As far as our print paper goes, don’t worry. We will still put our blood, sweat and tears into every weekly edition. I also hope to start bringing comics back to the Vantage. (As someone who spent her childhood Sunday nights in the bathtub reading “Garfield” and “Pearls Before Swine”, it’s something I’m weirdly passionate about).

After a successful showing at the involvement fair on Aug. 28, I’m happy to report that our staff is growing. I was ecstatic to see freshmen who were eager to try their hands at collegiate journalism. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear of a few upperclassmen interested in the Vantage who may have slipped through the cracks in the past.

College journalism is as important as ever. As student journalists it’s our job to keep our peers informed about what goes on at their school. It’s a responsibility I do not take lightly, regardless of any pastry-related anecdotes I may start my editorials with.

I am eager to see The Vantage grow and evolve this year.

So, consider keeping up with us on this journey. Go to our website https://newman- and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for updates on our stories. Follow us on Twitter @VantageNU, or like us on Facebook. Keep an eye out for videos, new special series, and more. If you have a love for writing, an eye for photography, or even simply a thirst for the truth, consider joining our team. We can be reached at We’d love to have you.

Photo: THE VANTAGE IS BACK and looking for new recruits. Denise Neil, Advisor