Team captain completes first Ironman competition

By Adrienne Esposito, Staff Writer

Few can say that they have participated in an Ironman-sanctioned triathlon; even fewer can brag that they have completed the grueling race. This summer, senior member and team captain of Newman’s triathlon team, Brandon Steiner, completed the 70.3 mile half-Ironman in Boulder, Colorado.

Immediately after the Triathlon team competed in collegiate nationals last spring, Steiner began his intensive training for the race. Each week, he dedicated a minimum of 15 hours to swimming at least 4 miles, biking more than 100 miles, and running 15-20 miles until the race on Aug. 4.

This being his first Ironman, Steiner said his only goal was to complete the race without stopping.

After swimming 1.2 miles through the Boulder Reservoir, biking 56 miles on closed roads, and finishing with a half marathon, 13.1 mile run, Steiner accomplished his goal, completing the race in six hours and three minutes. He finished 740th out of 2,166 competitors.

Considering the length of the race, as well as the higher altitude, Steiner said, this was no easy feat.

“It was definitely the longest race of my life,” Steiner said. “but the goal was to finish, and it made the entire summer worth it.”

Steiner said that the greatest hurdle was overcoming mental barriers.

“A few times throughout it, you kind of doubt yourself, but you just keep going, one foot at a time. With that kind of attitude, you can do anything in life,” Steiner said.

Back on campus, Steiner continues to compete with the Newman Triathlon team. The team competes next on Sept. 23 in Bondurant, Iowa.

PHOTO: BRANDON STEINER completed the Ironman in six hours and three minutes, finishing 740 out of 2,166 competitors. Carley Sullivan, Photography Editor