Air conditioner shut down for upgrade

By Kevin Clack, Sports Editor

Last week’s replacement of a 23- ton chilling unit in De Mattias and O’Shaughnessy took three days, eight different subcontractors and a crane.

Director of Facilities Bruce Sanderson said the the 20-year-old chilling unit had reached its life expectancy and also had been recently malfunctioning. Replacing the unit had been in the works since April.

“Also, with Party On The Plaza coming up, the rain plan for it is to go to the gym,” he said. “Now, if [the old one] would have quit, we would have been in trouble. It would have been a sauna in there.”

Students who had classes in the building said dealing with the heat was a struggle.

“I had to completely change my wardrobe,” junior theater major Kirsten Sanders said. “It really sucked, and it was super hot in Jabara, especially for classes and rehearsal.”

Sanderson said the project wasn’t cheap but was planned for financially. The new more energy efficient chilling unit cost around $227,000.

Since most air conditioning chillers on campus are around six years old, Sanderson said he doesn’t see Newman needing new chilling units for another 10 to 12 years.

PHOTO: THE AIR CONDITIONING PROBLEMS left the Cheer and Dance team to continue many practices outside. Courtesy photo, Newman Advancement