Mr. Newman: Freshman suits up for his first year at Newman

By Kaitlyn Smith, A&E Editor

Maybe you’ve seen him and wonder why he’s dressed up.  An old soul, as he calls himself, roaming our campus. Mr. Newman, as some freshmen students call him, frequently wears suits to class.  

“I will dress up a few times a week,” Clark said.  “Special events, Fridays, exams, church, business meetings, etcetera.”  

His suits have caught the eyes of many students and staff alike. Freshman Tyler Pollard said she admires his style.

“Seeing how dressed up he is always leaves me feeling underdressed,” Pollard said.  

Clark said he feels that suits “have a certain style” that fits his personality.  

“Dressing in this fashion forces my subconscious mind to acknowledge certain associations with suit-and-tie professions and events - such as old parties, writers, and scientific conferences,” he said.  “Thus allowing me to better possess the role of an upcoming charismatic scientist and writer.”

Clark said wearing a suit helps him with his self confidence.

“Frankly, I often times have difficulty believing in myself and will criticize my every mistake, so things as simple as dressing up or being with friends can give me the extra boost I need to progress.”  

Even though wearing a suit helps him to feel professional, accidents happen even while dressing up.  

“One day after school, I believe it was my junior year [in high school,] I was goofing off with some friends and we started leaping through the hallways,” Clark said.  “Well, my slacks were not entirely prepared for that, and they split right down the back seem. Unfortunate indeed.  Suffice it to say, I was glad that practically everyone else had already left by then.  My buddies got quite the kick out of my embarrassment as they should.  We need to laugh about misfortune.”

Clark said that dressing up has led people to believe he is someone of great importance at times.  

“There was one time that my dad and I were at a fancy restaurant in Telluride, Colorado, so we dressed up just to find that everyone was in casual clothes,” he said.  “Instead of thinking we were strange, people looked at us and interacted with us like we were celebrities. It was quite amusing.”

Clark said he hopes to only make a statement to encourage others to live their best lives.

“The only statement I’m truly making is ‘Hey, I’m Matthew Clark, and I’m living life the best I know how.’ I dress for success, but that has a variety of interpretations.”

Clark said he isn’t trying to make anyone go back to the 1920s, but he wants “everyone to take delight in our freedom to represent individuality - from dresses and suits, to shorts and T-shirts.”

“Humanity is a beautiful, organic, and shining gemstone of diversity.  We are who we choose to be, and I choose to be me.”

Photo: FRESHMAN MATTHEW CLARK likes to keep it classy with his signature grey suit and colorful tie showcasing his Jet Pride. Carley Sullivan,  Photo Editor