You’ve seen her art, now you know her Name

By Anthony Navarrete, Staff Writer

Many of the designs that can be seen around campus are made by one student, senior Ximena Name (pronounced nä me).

Name has worked as a student graphic designer for a year and said that she has seen an improvement in her work.

“I’ve become more confident about myself and my skills because when I first got the job I didn’t think I was that good and then people started to see my things and see what I was doing, and they said, ‘Oh, hey. I saw what you did, and it’s pretty cool.’”

Name said that she had never taken an art class prior to coming to Newman and didn’t consider pursuing a career in it but instead saw it as a hobby.

“I actually started as an undecided major, and then I saw the cool stuff the other art students were doing, and I’ve always been creative and thought ‘I’m going to try being an art major.’”

Name said when she first started taking art classes, she felt out of place and was doubtful of her skills. She contemplated changing her major but as the semester went on, she started to grow more confident.

“When we started doing our projects, some of my stuff was pretty good and I was like, ‘Oh how did I do this? This is actually pretty good.’”

Senior Graphic Designer Matthew Miller said that Name has been a helpful addition to the department. Miller said he can get around 20 projects at a time and knows that he can delegate some of the projects to Name, and they will be completed on time and with high quality.

“I feel like she’ll be able to take these skills that she’s learned up here and go anywhere. I don’t see any issues with her being able to walk into any position. I think she’s got some really strong work.”

Name said that the experience she has gained working for university relations has been invaluable and that she hopes to work for an advertising agency after graduation.

“I’m only getting started.”

PHOTO: XIMENA NAME has designed graphics for many university projects, including Jet TV. Carley Sullivan, Photo Editor