Campus Activities Board gets a facelift

By Madison McCollum, Opinion Editor

Newman University’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) is making a couple changes to their board for the 2018-2019 school year.

After discussing the set up over the summer with Director of Student Activities Morgan Calvert and CAB cochair Brandon Steiner, they decided to take a new direction with how the organization is ran in an attempt to make events bigger and better, CAB co-chair Claire Setter said.

“In previous years, we’ve done four different committees,” Setter said, “but this year we’ve decided to try a council where everyone works on the same events to try and improve our communication skills and try and make bigger events, rather than little smaller ones that we tend to do. Hopefully, that way, we can bring more students out.”

The organization will now have two co-chairs to lead, a combined secretary and treasurer, public relations officers and event coordinators.

“We weren’t able to hire many people until last week,” Setter said, “So, now we’re finally getting the team together, and we’re going to work on acclimating all of them and hopefully by next week we’ll be full-fledged in this new system.”

The secretary and treasurer position will be held by junior Koki Takemoto, junior Jack Schafer will  a act as a Public Relations officer, and junior Jacob Kleespie and sophomore Katie Smith will be event coordinators.

Kleespie is looking forward to becoming a member of the CAB team and will be using his skills to bring “better” events to students.

“I am excited to get more involved with things on campus and the opportunities that CAB gives for you to think creatively and come up with things,” Kleespie said. “One of the things I’m looking forward to the most is getting involved on campus and getting creative and coming up with all these events that people will enjoy.”

Setter said that this new set up is a trial run and, should it not work out, they will consider reverting back to the old model or looking at new ways for it to run. She is optimistic on the team and doing “bigger and better” events this year.

“I was able to be in on all the interviews for the CAB members and the new people specifically seem extremely enthusiastic and qualified,” Setter said.