Student revives club for aspiring lawyers

By Kevin Clack, Sport Editor

Students who are interested in prelaw can now join the revived club Future Legal Professionals of Newman.

President Vince Couto said the club is tailored to people that have an interest in pre-law or in the law field.

“We resurrected it last spring, but it was very underground; we were setting

up the building blocks,” he said. “This semester is really about finally getting the ball going and starting to take more action and have actual events.”

Couto said even if you’re not sure if you want a career in law, they still want you.

“If we can help you dip your feet in the matter and who knows, open your eyes to maybe considering it down the road, then that’s a step in the right direction for FLPN.”

Couto said students can expect FLPN to have monthly guest speakers from the law field.

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed when we have guest speakers is a lot of them were not dead set in undergrad that wanted to pursue law,” he said. “But, I think the silver lining for the new people that come to these guest speakers is that they’ll realize that the speakers were in their same spot in undergrad once upon a time.”

People who plan on attending law school have to take the Law School Admissions Test to get in. Treasure Anthony Hamersky said FLPN plans on hosting a mock LSAT on Oct. 19 to help students prepare for the real thing.

FLPN aims to have their next meeting the first week of Nov. Students interested can reach out to the Fellowship Counselor Erin Mink at

PHOTO: FUTURE LEGAL PROFESSIONALS OF NEWMAN has been reshaped and restored for the years to come. Courtesy photo, Dana Beitey