New open mic series opportunity for students

By Annie Dang, Staff Writer

Newman University opened its arms to all aspiring poets, singers, and songwriters during a new open mic event in late September, and it continues until the beginning of November.

The series is an ongoing effort by the English and theatre departments and is spearheaded by Dr. Susan Crane-Laracuente, to promote awareness of English literature and poetry among students.

According to Crane, open mic sessions began as an idea among the English students because they felt the need for it on campus.

“They have been interested in it for some time now; we used to have a literary club, but that went by the wayside, so we decided to revive it.”

Crane explained that it is not set up so much like a poetry slam, but as an opportunity for students to read their favorite works aloud.

“You don’t have to be an English major to enjoy this event. Anyone can come and read their favorite poems or pieces of literature or even present their own stuff. “

“It just can’t be too long,” she joked.

The first event was Sept. 25 and featured around seven students who presented original and already-published pieces of poetry and stories. Murphy Obershaw was one such student who read her original poems.

“I read a total of three pieces, two poems that I wrote this semester and another poem that was published in Coelacanth last semester,” Murphy said.

Murphy explains that each poem was written from personal observations and experiences.

“One is a really fun poem in the perspective of a bowling ball that symbolizes spiritual warfare. Another piece called ‘Travelers’ was written after my friend, who I thought could be more than friends with me, moved away.”

“I and other students really enjoy the opportunity to present our works. It’s nice when people appreciate our writing. It’s like, ‘Yay! We did a creative good,’” Murphy said.

A total of 14 students attended, but many came and went.

“This is already much better than last year when we did a trial run of sorts,” Crane said. “I hope we are able to continue to build awareness and increase attendance.”

The next event will be noon to 1 p.m., Oct 30. A raffle for a $25 Scooter’s gift card will be held for those who show up and perform a piece in costume.

Light refreshments will be provided by the Dugan library staff.