Team player on the stage and the field

By Matthew Clark, Staff Writer

In college, it is easy to put people into neat little archetypes such as artists, athletes, actors, scientists, writers, and so on. Some individuals, however, make this a much more difficult task.

Freshman Katie Stanford can be seen on the softball field, as well as the stage, performing feats of both physical and intellectual strength.

Collectively, her roles as both an athlete and an actor are admired by many.

Such a combination of activities may seem strange to others, but for Stanford, it is simple. Stanford said sports and theatrical events are in a way similar.

“Yes, I believe that they are [because] they both incorporate... teamwork, practice, hard work, and dedication.”

Stanford said that softball itself is an excellent teacher.

“I love all the lessons that [softball] embeds within it. Softball is a game of failure. Getting a hit three or four out of 10 times are good statistics for softball. That means seven or six times, you don’t get a hit, but you just have to keep moving forward. It’s a mental game.”

While softball consumes a large amount of her time, Stanford makes time to perform in productions and improv shows. This semester, she has a role in “Death By Chocolate,” and is a member of the Sloppy Joes.

Stanford speaks just as endearingly about her position in theatrical activities, as she does athletic endeavors.

“I love that you can just be yourself or be someone else, and you get to really explore who that character is, and meet a lot of really fun people.”

Stanford said stress is a valid concern for being such an involved individual.

“At times, it definitely can cause stress, jumping from softball practice to rehearsal to improv, but honestly, I wouldn’t be doing all of it if it wasn’t rewarding or if I didn’t love it. It brings me happiness, it brings me joy,and it helps me be who I am."