The Vantage? More like ‘The Vintage’: celebrating 50 years

You might have noticed this week’s issue looks a little bit different. That’s because we’re celebrating our anniversary with a blast from the past. Founded in 1968, The Vantage has been the Student Voice of Newman university for 50 years.

This particular issue takes inspiration from out past Vantage layouts, with the logo, columns, and font designs taken straight out of an issue from 1973. At the time, in lieu of student-drawn comics, the logo was illustrated with different cartoon accessories each week.

The opinion articles this week were written by two previous editors of The Vantage, reflecting on their past experiences.

One little known fact about the Vantage is that it was actually not Newman’s first student newspaper. The first student paper was creatively called College News before evolving into The Pacemaker in the ‘50s, and later the Sacred Heart Echoes. There was once even a special Commuter News for those students living off campus in the ‘80s.

Since becoming the Vantage, news at Newman has made a lot of changes. Between the early ‘70s and ‘80s, we went from a biweekly newspaper to a weekly newspaper. Sometimes, whole pages would be dedicated to advertisements and public service announcements.

Our website may have gotten a makeover this year, but the first Vantage website,, is still up in all it’s glory, if you care to check it out.

So, without further adieu, we hope you enjoy our own little rendition this week of “Throwback Thursday.”

This article was apart of our 50th anniversary issue where we used similar formatting to an issue from 1973.  To see the full issue, formatting included, click here.