A fairy’s dream comes true on the stage

By Anthony Navarrete, Staff Writer

Newman dancer Allison Evans performed in, what she considered, a memorable last production of “The Nutcracker” as the Dewdrop Fairy opposite her then boyfriend, now fiancé, Dalton Rupp-Meinert.

Evans said that choreographer Jill Landrith had been planning with Rupp-Meinert on how he would pop the question.

Landrith asked Evans if Rupp-Meinert would be interested in the role of the Nutcracker Prince. Evans said she laughed in response.

“Little did I know, before Jill asked me if he would be the nutcracker, Dalton had contacted them,” she said. “They already came up with this plan.”

Evans said that she couldn’t believe it when Rupp-Meinert got on one knee.

“Oh my goodness, is this really happening?” she said. “Oh my God. This is happening right now.”

Evans said that Rupp-Meinert wasn’t a bad dancer and was able to pick up the choreography quickly.

“He did a couple of dance moves, which I was pretty impressed with,” she said.

Their engagement story gained popularity since then as The New York Times published an article about the newly engaged couple. Evans also said that she has been contacted by various news outlets, such as radio stations and ABC News in New York, wanting to hear her story.

“My fiance said, ‘I never meant for it to get this crazy.’ He’s like, ‘I’m sorry if you don’t like this.’ I said, ‘No, it’s fine!’”

One thing that Evans said she gets a lot of questions about was her ballet pose throughout the video.

“It’s what came natural to me,” she said.

Evans said that it may be a while before they hear wedding bells, as she starts the nursing program in January and Rupp-Meinert graduates and starts his new job in December.

“School comes first, no matter what,” she said.

While both individuals are transitioning into new roles, they are still excited for what’s next.

“Obviously, living our happy ever after,” she said.

PHOTO: ALLISON EVANS, NEWMAN SOPHOMORE, had the suprise of her life when her boyfriend proposed to her onstage. Courtesy photo, The Wichita Eagle