Homecoming party revamped-now with alcohol

By Roo Rusk, Staff Writer

Student Life is planning to throw a Homecoming party this year after not hosting a dance or social last year - and for the first time ever, alcohol will be provided at a Newman-sponsored party.

The party will be Thursday Feb. 21 in the Jabara Blackbox Theater after the basketball game.

Alcohol will be available to attendees over the age of 21, said Campus Activities Board member Jacob Kleespie.

The details of what drinks will be available and how they will be served and regulated are still part of an active discussion, Kleespie said.

“All I can say at the moment is that there will be alcohol. That has been confirmed. But we cannot comment at this time about the distribution because we are still working on the details, which are subject to change,” he said.

Special permission was obtained to serve alcohol from the President’s cabinet, Student Government President Marisa Zayat said.

But rather than the traditional formal dance, Calvert said, Newman’s Campus Activities Board is opting for a more casual “after party”.

“Our area is always interested in listening to the voices of students and providing a platform for them to engage in student life activities in a safe way,” Calvert said.

The board also decided rather than to seek an alternate venue, the after party would take place somewhere at Newman.

“We’re keeping it on campus because it plays a huge role in underscoring campus pride and tradition,” Calvert said.

Junior Lucas Farney said he remembers that Homecoming his freshman year was a unique way “to see everybody all in one place.

“I think we’ve got an advantage here because we are a small school and can still do things like this,” he said.

Farney said he thought a celebratory event following the game would help boost morale on campus.

“It brings us back to simpler times, and more than that, gives us a reason to get dressed up and go dance outside of going to Club Rodeo,” he said.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Newman Advancement