The search is on for a new athletic director

Emily Larkin, Managing and Online Editor

When the Director of Athletics Vic Trilli announced his impending retirement last August, the search was on for a replacement who could put the “new” in Newman University.

A semester later, the replacement process has begun, Director of Human Resources Jason Pool said.

Pool said about a month ago, the department posted ads for the position on its website.

“Within just a month, we’ve gotten 85 applications. Not all of which were qualified, which is normal,” he said.

A Trilli replacement committee has been formed to hire the next athletic director. The committee is made up of President Noreen Carrocci; Pool; two members from the Newman Board of Trustees and five members of the faculty and staff.

The committee has met twice. The first meeting, Pool said, was “purely informational” and “just to explain how the process works.”

The second meeting, however, was active, with the members going through the large number of applications, Pool said.

“We pared that down to a handful yesterday, and the next step will be to start reaching out to them for interviews,” he said.

Though Trill holds two titles -- director of athletics and vice president for student affairs -- right now, Pool said, the university is looking only for a new director of athletics. Once hired, he said, the person may be given extra responsibilities by Carrocci.

Within a month, the committee should have a job offer extended to and accepted by the new director of athletics, Pool said. Though the new director will not officially take over until Trilli retires, the new hire should be interacting on campus by June or July to make the transition smooth.

“Hopefully, they work together. And that’s a big thing. We try to bring the new person in a bit before Vic leaves, so there’s a bit of overlap. If not, it’s up to that person,” he said. “They will probably be out talking to people a lot. That sort of thing.”

Requirements to apply for the job include a bachelor’s degree and three years of administrative experience. Key responsibilities include representing the athletic department as a member of the President’s Cabinet; developing budgets for all 14 sports programs and overseeing each sport through their coaches and senior staff.

Pool said it is essential for the new director to be the face of Newman Athletics.

“Especially with the transition of conferences, we are looking for someone who is able to lead through that,” he said.

PHOTO: VIC TRILLI still currently holds both titles of director athletics and vice president for student affairs.  Courtesy photo, Newman Advancement