SGA dissolves 11 inactive clubs, recovers funds

By Anthony Navarrete, Staff Writer

With a slew of clubs helping to keep students busy on campus, Newman has officially said goodbye to 11 clubs that haven’t been active in years.

In total, SGA recovered $5,236 from the dormant club accounts that will go back into the SGA allocating budget. The SGA allocating budget is used to fund clubs and organizations that request money from SGA.

SGA Treasurer Kyla Mazza said when a club has been inactive for two consecutive academic years, it is deemed inactive and any remaining funds in the club account are given back to SGA. But Mazza said SGA keeps the club accounts open for another two years before the club is officially dissolved.

“In that four years, students can re-register the club and get it back going and take over whatever money they have, keeping in mind that it hasn’t reached that first two year time period where it goes back to SGA,” he said.

Some of the clubs that were dissolved include Paintball Club, NU College Republicans, NU Running & Fitness Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Board Games Club, African Student Association, Campus Counseling Club, NU Accounting Student Association, Math Technology, Social Entrepreneurship Club and Art Club.

Director of Student Activities Morgan Calvert said many efforts are made to reach out to members of the club before it becomes dissolved. She said she reached out to club advisors and members to see if they were interested in renewing interest in these particular clubs but said she did not hear back.

Mazza said it is difficult to reach out to members because a majority of the clubs were last active in 2014, with some dating back to 2013.

“If the club hasn’t been active, none of the students on campus now are participating in it. We don’t have anybody to reach out to,” Mazza said.

Whenever a new club is founded at Newman, it gets a $200 starting budget.

Some of the money that was sitting in the old club accounts was just sitting there going unused for years, Mazza said.

Mazza said while there aren’t any immediate plans to use the extra funds, they will eventually go towards current clubs and organizations.

“They just go back in the pool. The reason they come back to SGA is because they were funded by SGA. We can now take that money and give it to other clubs that are active. Also it’s student fee money, we’re not going to let it go outside of our purview,” he said.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, Newman Advancement