The First Year Experience evolves yet again

By Dania Jumpa, Staff Writer

FYE, Newman’s First Year Experience, is already preparing for the newcomers of the fall 2019 semester. The 20 FYE leaders have been selected along with the three directors, Tatyterria Gary, Keelah Warden and Zachary Myers.

First Year Experience has been around for about three years and is a program made up of a selected group of current students who work with the incoming Jets to acclimate themselves to  college life. With Joseph Shepard recently becoming the FYE advisor, some changes will be made to ensure that that students remain at Newman.

Shepard said that instead of the 30 leaders and four directors, it has been downsized to allow for a more effective and efficient organizational flow that allows a more bureaucratic way of running the program. He said that the students would report to the leaders, who report to the directors that are under Shepard’s supervision. Each leader will be assigned a group that will comprise of nine to ten students who they will exchange contact information with and check in with periodically.

Every month, Shepard says, the leaders will be required to meet with their group and do a study hall. This time will allow students to ask their leaders for help with anything from studying for an upcoming test or learning how to deal with the stresses of a rigorous course. Leaders will help refer students to different clubs or organizations on campus based on their interests and coordinate with students to go to various Newman sports events.

Shepard says that currently, FYE events are spread out and few. For next semester, there will be free FYE events every month that incoming students can sign up for. The activities can range from a movie night on campus or going to Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. The ideas are endless, Shepard says, but he just wants the students to have something to look forward to every month.

The most considerable change to the FYE program, Shepard says, is that the FYE directors and leaders will have the ability to choose and organize these events, since “students are the best champions for student causes.”

FYE will even have marketing and branding changes, with FYE directors wearing polos instead of T-shirts to create an atmosphere of professionalism. Shepard said that he hopes FYE helps people to be proud of being Newman Jets and encourages them to spread the word about Newman everywhere they go.

PHOTO: THE FYE ORGANIZATION has hosted freshman socials, some of which included quirky games. Freshmen Daniel Knolla (left) and Brenden Schwartz (right) participated in a face cookie catch during the first social. Courtesy Photo, Joseph Shepard