SGA to fill seven empty positions on Friday

By Murphy Obershaw, Staff Writer

It’s time again for fall Student Government Association elections.

Voting started Monday at 1 p.m. and goes until 4 p.m. today.  The winners of the election will be announced tomorrow during Jet Friday.

A total of seven senator positions are available this year, which is more than there have been in years past, SGA’s president Emily Larkin said.

Two freshman senator positions are available this year, which is different from previous years.

“We used to only have one freshman senate seat, but it was expanded to two last year,” Larkin said.

Fatima Ortiz, Minh Nguyen, Jack Biggs, Tara Thomas, and Krystal Le are running for freshman senator positions.

There are also more At-Large Senator positions available this year.

“Last spring,  SGA was expanded by three at-large seats through a bill by Senators Taty’Terria Gary and Austin Schwartz,” Larkin said.

Mac Foley’s previous senator position is also open since he became the new secretary after the previous secretary, Preston Bui, transferred to Wichita State. Pedro Granados’s senator position is open because he also transferred to Wichita State.

Caleb Limes, Jonathan Liu, Corby Redington, Anna Veltien, Andres Garcia, Jordan Ojile, and Micaela Ortiz are running for the At-Large Senator positions.

Applications for SGA were open to students the first week of school, and those who applied were given the second week of school to campaign, SGA’s Vice President Kayla Garvert said.

SGA has already had one meeting this school year. During the meeting, they voted Leah Graham to be the new senate leader, Garvert said.

Those who win the election will be sworn into office during the next general meeting on Sept. 19.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. University Relations.