New coach, new rules: baseball team sees changes

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

Newman’s new head baseball coach Drew Maus has brought new rules with him.

Maus said he believes that to be a successful athlete, you must succeed in every aspect of life, including your appearance in the classroom and other school events.

Maus explained that he feels it is a sign of respect to show up to class with a presentable appearance. One thing that he enforces in the classroom is that the baseball players must remove hats whenever they walk into a building as a sign of respect.

“When you go into a teacher’s classroom, it’s like going into someone’s house. To some extent, you should act a certain way… If you go into your girlfriend’s parents’ house for the first time compared to your best friend’s house, the way you act is hopefully different. Therefore, it should be different at school,” Maus said.

Maus said that he also believes every member of the team should be clean cut. The facial hair must be trimmed at all times and hair must be cut to the collar.

Maus wants the team to always look uniform and together. He requires the players to always have their shirts tucked in if they are doing anything that involves baseball. He also wants the players to wear khakis and polos to events where they are working or volunteering because it represents the Newman baseball team well.

The rules are not a punishment or meant to make the team hate him but rather to show that the men on the team have respect and integrity on and off the field.

“I like him. I think he has the program going in the right direction. Over the years to come, I think he will build something special. The rules are simple and easy to follow. I think he is just trying to get the guys to buy into the program,” said junior catcher Dalton Dinkel.

Another aspect that Maus finds important is that the team members show up for each of their classes under all circumstances.

The team members will be punished when they fail to measure up to these rules and they have already experienced a few days of running, he said.

“Going to class is 100 percent something you can control,” Maus said. “The guys are getting mad when I make them run, but in the end, each guy that does not fulfill these rules affects the team. Whether not going to class makes them ineligible or they do not meet the appearance requirements, it is affecting each member on the team.”

Maus said that he believes this team has what it takes to have a winning season if they buy into the standard of excellence that is before them. The guys that follow the rules and work the hardest will reap the rewards.

“I think we have enough to compete and win,” Maus said.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. Newman Athletics.