Newman forms partnership with Cowley

By Leanne Vastbinder, Opinions and Online-Editor

Newman is partnering with Cowley College to expand their Accelerated Pathway to Teaching program in Kansas that enables education students to finish their degree in their hometowns.

Cameron Carlson, dean of the school of education, said he started the process by reaching out to Julia Rhoads, director of education at Cowley College, about expanding the partnership program.

“The reason for extending that opportunity to Cowley College was that they were really interested in being able to respond to an emergent teacher area need, where they wanted to have completion right in their area,” Carlson said. “Outreach has been part of Newman for about 20 years, so we’ve been doing different kinds of education delivery offerings in different parts of the state.”

The program is approximately 16 months long and is open to students who have completed an associate’s degree.

Kimberly Long, vice president for academic affairs, said she is both proud and excited for the new partnership with Cowley.

“Our relationship with Cowley College will enable students who live in the southern part of Kansas serving rural areas to achieve a four year degree without having to leave home,” Long said.

The partnership program has already been successful in rural, western Kansas, Long said.

“Since the mid 1990’s, in rural western Kansas, we’ve graduated approximately 800 or 900 K-12 educators,” Long said. “We’re very proud of that, so we’re really just expanding that program to a new part of the state. Were very excited about the partnership.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo.