Asian Student Association is the lip sync battle champ

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

The third annual lip sync battle was full of break dancing, men in cheer uniforms, and even one person running around with a horse costume on.

Five lip sync groups battled it out not only for a monetary prize but also for the ultimate bragging rights.

A panel of judges ranked five performances and the Asian Student Association was awarded the first place trophy.

Asian Student Association started the battle off with their song choice of “Daddy” by Psy.

They got the show rolling with their black and white costumes, breakdancing by Michael Nguyen, and they even made it rain at the end of the performance.

“I’m very happy that we won.  We were doing it just for fun, but ended up giving 200 percent. We were very nervous but I am very proud of how we performed,” ASA member, Karen Do, said.

After the first performance , the Hispanic American Leadership Organization slowed the tempo down with their  song choice, “Hotline Bling” by Drake. The members talked on their cellphones, danced around the stage, and even got down in the crowd.

The men’s bowling team performed third and they decided to shake it up a little. The group went by the name of, Boyancé, with a song choice of “Run the World” by Beyoncé. Boyancé received second place in the competition.

“The performance was definitely a fan favorite and a crowd shocker,” said Jamee Compton, a member of the crowd.

Although their name was “boyance” the guys on stage could have easily been mistaken for girls because of their wigs, outfits, and dance moves.

“I thought we did very well. We got the crowd and audience involved but I guess that wasn’t enough. I thought because of our diversity and hype we should have taken home the first place trophy,” member of Boyancé, Chasten Pojas said.

Second to last was the Black Student Union, coming out hot with the “Backyardigans” theme Song.

Finally, four girls from Multicultural leadership organization performed. Their song choice of the night was a mashup with multiple hit songs.

MCLO took third place with their lip sync mashup.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. studentlifenu Instagram