Bowling teams to roll into start of season this weekend

By Cole Schnieders, Staff Writer

Both the men’s and women’s bowling teams will be traveling to Dallas for a two-day tournament  this weekend. Last year, the men’s team placed second both days of the tournament, and the women’s team placed third and fourth.

Junior Caleb Limes said the team’s sights are aimed higher this year.

“We like to think this year is going to be full of many good games,” said Limes.

Last year, the men’s team had several top three finishes. The women’s team was able to secure several tournament tops, including the “home” tournament at the Mid-States Championship in Wichita.

“This year’s practice is a bit different than last year because we’re trying… to have more of a competitive mindset,” he said. “We are a very young but capable team.”

Head Coach Billy Murphy said in an email that the teams have had six weeks of good practice.

“[This weekend] will be good to find out what we need to work on… and reach our ultimate goal of making it to National championships,” Murphy said.

Bowling is about more than strikes and spares, teammates said.

“It’s different to be on the bowling team, but that difference is like a good different,” Limes said. “Looking at this [year’s] team, I’d say we have much better bond together than all the past years.”

Unlike most other sports, the men’s and women’s teams travel together and compete at the same tournaments and occasionally the same venues. That team bond keeps bowlers sane during long road trips and the energy up for every frame, teammates said.

“Bowling can change very quickly. You can be having a good game, you can be having a bad game,” Limes said. “We’re always very hype and loud. Everyone has a good time.”

Limes said the team appreciates support from other Newman students too.

The Jets will bowl in Wichita the weekend of October 19-20 starting at 9 a.m. Men will bowl at Northrock Lanes and women will bowl at West Acres.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. Newman Athletics