CAB decides to cut Boo Bash from October events

By Roo Rusk, Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board’s annual Boo Bash Halloween celebration will not be taking place this year at Newman University.

With the decline in attendance in recent years CAB chair Katie Smith says, the board made the decision to cancel the event in hopes of redirecting time, effort, and funds elsewhere.

“There wasn't much to do,” Smith said. “Anything we could come up with was basically childish. It was fun to have people dressed up in costumes but that was about it.”

Instead, CAB is putting together a new event called Bands and Bonfire, which will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 29. The event, designed to let students watch local talent and enjoy the fall bonfire atmosphere, will feature a performance by Re:Bound with opening acts Talia Powers and Kirstin Saunders. Dinner and S’mores will be provided.

CAB makes many of its decisions based off of student feedback, Smith said, and the decision to end Boo Bash was made in part because of the lack of enthusiasm for the event. Smith said she hasn’t heard any complaints about the decision so far.

“I don't know that anyone will really miss it,” she said. “I know I won't.”

CAB member, Jacob Kleespie said he thinks Bands and Bonfire will be a more successful and more fun alternative. Though CAB has cut down to fewer events throughout the year, those they are able to put on should be better, he said.

“We try to focus on quality over quantity,” Kleespie said.

Smith said she is optimistic about the change.

“I honestly can't wait for this event. I think it'll be a great way for students to hang out and just relax for a couple of hours.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. studentlifenu Facebook