The English department is a pretty 'lit' department

By Murphy Obershaw, Staff Writer

Everyone thinks their department is the best, but none of them can be as lit as the English department.  What’s more lit than studying literature?  Nothing.

In all seriousness, I love the English department for many reasons.

The professors are so thoughtful.  They always push us to look for the deeper meaning in literature and what it may be saying about our lives.  The topics and lessons the professors bring up stay with me, and I think about them whenever they are pertinent to my life.

The professors are also really kind and genuine.  Sometimes I just go sit in Dr. Crane’s office to talk with her about life.  She always welcomes my visits and offers me a cup of tea.  All of the English professors are also never afraid to be real with us.

Not only are the professors great, but the other English majors are amazing as well.  The energy and excitement that everyone brings makes having classes really fun, especially when it’s a night class.  When you are with the same people for three hours at night learning about something you all have a passion for, it’s a party.

We recently went to The Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Not only did we take a Saturday to listen to panels about how we can improve our writings and listen to published writers read their works, but we loved every minute of it.  It’s nice to be around people who share an appreciation for literature.

We also had plenty of fun before and after the conference.  Whether we were sharing snacks, jamming out to “Welcome to My Black Parade,” touring a mansion, having an Xbox party or reading children’s books in a van, we always had a ton of fun.

Even in the moments where we were just hanging out and talking, we had a fantastic time.

There are so many amazing opportunities either hosted or co-hosted by the English department that I participate in.  In addition to our annual trip to Nimrod, I have also been involved with Open Mic, Coelacanth, and Lit Fest.

At Open Mic, I have been able to present my own original poems and poems by others that I like.  I have also been fortunate enough to co-emcee Open Mic.  I get really nervous before it starts, but by the time it starts, I am too excited to remember that I am nervous.

Six of my poems have been included in Coelacanth, Newman’s literary journal, throughout my time at Newman.  I have read some of these poems at Lit Fest in addition to being on a panel, performing a scene from a Shakespearian play, and watching everyone else’s presentations.

I love Newman’s English department so much, and I honestly cannot imagine studying English anywhere else.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo. Newman Advancement