SGA votes to help pay for Res Hall printers

By Madeline Alvarez, Sports Editor

After being tabled for two weeks in a row, a bill to pay for printers to be installed in the residence halls was passed at the SGA meeting on Nov. 12.

Three printers will be leased to Newman for five years at the cost of about $3,000, which will be shared between SGA and the Residence Halls Association.

The printers will be installed in the Carrocci, Beata, and Fugate residence halls alongside campus computers, which will also be added to the residence halls. The printers will work like the other printers on campus do, and the same 150-page per week printing limit for each student will be enforced.

Director of Residence Life Scott Mudloff said that the printers will hopefully be set up by the end of the semester but they will at least be ready to use next semester.

Senator Madeleine Dellinger said that she decided to vote for the bill’s approval after hearing arguments in favor of it at the SGA meeting.

"We had a lot of concerns initially with the bill on if there would be a computer, how we would access the network, if the paper limit would be in place…” Dellinger said. “So we requested for more information. We wanted to know how they were going to maintain it, paper, toner, that type of thing. It turns out in the lease, that actually comes with the maintenance...Which is why we chose to lease it instead of buy it.”

SGA President Emily Larkin said she appreciated the respectful dialogue that was held among the senators during the meeting.

“There was a lot of grace and deep understanding going into this decision,” Larkin said. “I look forward to exploring other ways that SGA can help fund student initiatives.”

The bill was approved with a vote of 11-7-1.

PHOTO: Courtney Klaus, Editor-In-Chief.