Friendsgiving: a popular student take on Thanksgiving

By Murphy Obershaw, Copy Editor

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while many people spend the day with family, some Newman students are trying to celebrate with another group of people they are thankful for - their friends.

Senior Kaitlyn Smith said she is throwing a Friendsgiving this weekend.  Smith and eight of her gal pals will have a potluck and play card games including What Do You Meme? at one of the girl’s apartments.

“We’re gonna try and decorate it really cute because I’m like a party planner person, so everything has to be Pinterest worthy,” Smith said.

Roommates Keean Bush and Elizabeth Urban are hosting one for some of their friends as well.  Bush is not sure if he will be able to share a Thanksgiving meal with his family, so he wanted to have one with his friends.

“I wanted to celebrate a holiday about thankfulness with the people I care about.  Besides, family isn’t always based on blood.  It’s the people who are there for you, and that realm has expanded for me since I came to Newman,” Bush said.

The food that they will have at their meal will include whatever people bring.

Bush says it doesn’t matter if the dishes people bring are traditional Thanksgiving foods or not.

Not only are students hosting Friendsgivings for their friends, but Campus Ministry hosted one Wednesday evening in the Landing.

Friendsgiving has been a Campus Ministry tradition for a few years.

“It’s just a really good way, towards the end of the semester, to get together, to celebrate, to have a meal together, and just be thankful for all of our students,” Campus Minitry’s Assistant Director Emily Simon said.

Simon said she was excited for Friendsgiving. She said she attended a St. Paul’s Friendsgiving once, but this was her first Newman Friendsgiving.

This year, Campus Ministry provided a 20-pound turkey that was deep fried by Cale Kerschen’s family.  Students attending the feast brought sides to share.

PHOTO: Courtney Klaus, Editor-In-Chief