SGA appoints Ojile as its third senate leader

By Murphy Obershaw, Copy Editor

Student Government Association appointed Jordan Ojile as the new senate leader last week.

Ojile is the third new senate leader to be appointed by the 2019-2020 SGA. The first senate leader was Leah Graham, who resigned from SGA in October. The second senate leader, Corby Redington, left Newman.

“I stepped away from Newman because there were no classes being offered this semester that would have brought me closer to graduation. It was a very difficult choice, but it ultimately made the most sense,” Redington said.

Ojile said he was notified last Wednesday that he would be taking the position.

Redington was elected senate leader during the fall semester. Ojile received one vote less than Redington in the race for senate leader, so Ojile was next in line for the position.

Ojile said he is excited about being in his new position.

“I think this will be a good opportunity to test my leadership skills, and I am really enthusiastic about working with student government senators this year, and I look forward to the new initiatives that I can bring to the table,” he said.

SGA President Emily Larkin said that she is looking forward to this semester.

“I’m excited for this new semester.  Going into it, I think Jordan will be a great asset, definitely in joining both the senate and the executive board together going forward to attack new projects,” she said.

While he will still fulfill his regular senator duties, Ojile will also have new responsibilities he did not have before he accepted this position.

“It’s basically the middle man between the executive board and the senators, so I’ll be in charge of networking, communicating with the senators, getting everyone on board with voting, making sure everyone knows what’s in the bills, and organizing senate leader meetings to discuss legislation and to organize new pieces of legislation,” Ojile said.

While the position of senate leader has been filled, Redington’s departure left an additional at-large senator position that needed to be filled.

SGA President Emily Larkin said that position has since been filled by junior Caleb Limes.

“He was the next in line from the electoral results of last fall,” Larkin said.

SGA will have its first general meeting today at noon.

PHOTO: Courtney Klaus, Editor-In-Chief