Bachelor Mondays take over Newman

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

Students at Newman are living for this season of “The Bachelor.” Not only are girls loving this season, even boys are tuning in to see who the winner of Bachelor Peter Weber’s heart will be.

“The Bachelor” is a show where one guy gets to go on dates with multiple girls and he picks which girl is his favorite.

Peter Weber, the bachelor of this season, picks from thirty girls. He narrows it down throughout the show and he is currently down to the last few contestants as the season is coming to an end.

This show is the talk of the campus. Not only are students raging about it, they are even arranging watch parties for the show, sophomore and softball player, Lauren Kuhrt said.

“I watch ‘The Bachelor’ because it’s super entertaining and I lowkey love the drama,” Kuhrt said

Every Monday night or Tuesday on Hulu, depending on when everyone is free, the watch party is hosted. This is a popular thing to do among the sports teams at Newman, Kuhrt said.

“I love watching with friends because we all get to come together and enjoy the same thing but also chill,” Kuhrt said.

The baseball players at Newman spend most Monday nights watching “The Bachelor”. It is something that they talk about all week long because they are all very intrigued by the show, baseball player Dalton Dinkel said.

“Everyone loves a good reality tv show, especially one that has a lot of drama,” Dinkel said.

Throughout the season the show draws viewers in because people start to get attached to their favorite contestants. The shows makes people not want to miss an episode because it’s too good to miss, Dinkel said.

“The drama is great because I get to watch it and I don’t actually have to be a part of it,” Dinkel said.

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