Something phishy: Scammer poses as administrator

By The Vantage Staff

Newman faculty and staff are used to getting messages from Provost Kim Long asking them to submit grades, to take surveys and to offer input.

They’re not, however, used to her asking them for money.

On Tuesday, someone claiming to be Provost Kim Long sent an email to faculty and staff members asking them for money. But it was all a scam.

The email was sent from a fake account, meaning Long was not hacked but “spoofed.” The spoofer asked to receive the money through gift cards.

When Long found out, she sent an email out to faculty and staff informing them that this was just a scam and people should disregard it.

Long said that this is not the first time this has happened to Newman personnel.

“It is just part of doing business today, unfortunately,” she said.

Chief Information Officer Icer Vaughn followed up with an email warning staff and faculty that the university has recently been subjected to phishing emails from various accounts showing display names appearing as administrators' accounts setup as addresses.  

“If something doesn’t seem right about an email, don’t open the attachment, click on a link within the email, or communicate sensitive information,” Vaughn’s email said.

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