I'm kind of obsessed with TikTok now

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

The world is crazy about the app TikTok, and honestly I am, too.

TikTok is such a unique way to have fun with your friends, family and even sometimes your pets.

TikTok is an app where people make dance videos, singing videos, lip sync and even just fun silly videos. The videos are posted for the world to see, and the really good ones go viral.

I think this is the best app out there currently. I open the TikTok app and intend on only spending a couple minutes watching videos, but I end up spending hours on it.

The videos on this app are more entertaining than Netflix. Some are funny, and others are creative dances that make you want to learn how to do them.

Although no one at Newman is truly TikTok famous, there are a few people who consistently post TikToks and often get likes.

Mackenzie Anderson, a softball player at Newman, is a big fan of TikTok. She posts TikToks daily. She makes them with her teammates, her family and sometimes she does the occasional solo video.

“I use TikTok because it’s a popular app for my generation, and it’s fun to learn the dances. There’s honestly nothing better than when one of my videos goes viral,” Anderson said.

Anderson is not the only TikToker at Newman. Sheridan Sommer, a member of the Newman dance team, is also a fan of the app.

“I used to be a big fan of Vine, and TikTok is similar to it in some ways. People are really creative on the app and the videos are fun to watch,” Sommer said.

TikTok is popular everywhere in the world. I think it is a way to have good, clean fun with friends. It also makes for a great activity during road trips.

I personally do not make TikToks often, but I love to watch the videos other people make. It is the perfect way to pass time and get a good laugh every once in a while.

TikTok is a great way to bond with people. I think the best part about TikTok is that everyone is themselves on the app. I would choose to watch TikToks over Netflix any day. It is now my favorite form of entertainment.

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