Newman to host TEDx event in early April

By Jack Shafer, Staff Writer

“Ideas worth spreading” are coming to Newman University next month when the university will be hosting its TEDx event.

A TEDx event is an independently curated talk originated from the nonprofit TED organization devoted to “spreading ideas, in the form of short, powerful talks,” according to TED’s website.

Newman’s will take place 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on April 2 in the Performance Hall.

Per the rules of any TEDx event, seating is limited to only 100 people in the audience.

“Register as soon as possible if you’re interested,” Newman’s Web Tech Specialist Daniel Murphy said.

It’s free for students with their student ID, but they have to register by visiting If you’re not a student, it’s only $12 to register for the event.

The event consists of five speakers with a wide array of ideas that will be talked about.

“We promoted speakers to apply within and outside the university. We had 42 apply. There was originally only going to be three but then the selection committee decided since we have the entire day, we might as well add two more,” Murphy said.

Each potential speaker had to submit an application complete with a video entry that allowed them to highlight their topic.

Newman professors Amy Siple and Kristi Barton applied and each of them have a slot for the event. Siple will speak about “Dying Well” at 3 p.m. and Barton’s topic is “Responding to Domestic & Sexual Violence” at noon.

Barton applied to be a speaker because she wanted to share the results of a year’s worth of work from her and other “criminal justice superheroes”  on responses to sexual and domestic violence in Wichita, Kansas.

“I love my hometown, and I hate sexual and domestic violence, so I envision this as a unique opportunity to share the wonders of ethnography to solve a social problem,” Barton said, “a short TED talk sure beats asking folks to read a voluminous, written report.”

She is excited to offer hope to her community and hopes to improve the response to sexual and domestic violence, Barton said.

Siple’s reasoning for wanting to speak is because she has watched too many people die fighting a disease they cannot win against, the nurse practitioner said.

“Instead of spending time with loved ones, going on vacations and making memories, they spend countless hours in the doctor’s office, waiting rooms, hospitals…” Siple said, “I pray my message will resonate with those caring for clients at the end of life as well as family members who are walking through a terminal illness with someone they love.”

The other speakers are musical artist, Roy Moye III, speaking about  the “Power of Diversity & Music in STEM” at 10 a.m., Wichita State University student Courtney Price-Dukes speaking about “The Reality of Foster Care” at 1 p.m. and finally Michelle Vann speaking about “Getting in Alignment” at 2 p.m. You can find more information about the talks on the website.

Newman is responsible for preparing the TEDx event in total, down to supplying the famous red dot speakers stand on and the popular bright sign saying the event and location.

“One of the cool things about TEDx is that it’s completely produced and hosted by the hosting organization” Murphy said. “We have to rent out our own audio and video gear and make sure it’s properly staffed to make sure the event is produced correctly.”

TEDx is different from a regular TED talk because the TED organization actually produces those themselves.

If the videos that Murphy’s team produces meet TED’s standards, they will be submitted and uploaded to the TEDx youtube channel.

“It is always nice to get outside viewership,” Murphy said. “The whole benefit of the event is getting these messages outside of your own organization, so it has to be done correctly.”

Murphy said he would love for as many students to attend as possible.

“I’m excited about the ideas that are going to be brought to the table, and having discussions that are diverse, from different cultures and experiences,” Murphy said. “These are speakers who range from students to industry professionals. There is something for everyone, and registering for the event gives you access for all the talks.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Newman facebook