Eshelmania: COVID-19 reminds us of the power of sports

By Aaron Eshelman, Staff Writer

Obviously the COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented in modern history. This outbreak has affected society in ways that we have never seen.

Sports are a huge part of what it is to be human. And across the world sports are a way for people to unwind, enjoy themselves, and maybe escape from their real world problems. After big events in history for at least the last hundred or so years people have turned to sports to take their mind off things or maybe make things seem like they are normal again just for the short 2 or 3 hours a sporting event takes.

This event is different because it has taken sports from us. The last time there was no major baseball, basketball, soccer, or hockey games in the month of March was 1868. And it's not just professional sports - college and youth sports even are halted.

People are stuck inside their homes unable to work and unable to play.

Sports fans, although it’s hard, instead of being depressed we should use this as an opportunity to remember what sports has given us.

Take a moment, think back on all the old memories whether they be as a player or as a fan. Watch that old highlight tape or turn on one of the many classic games that are being shown on TV. Maybe you’ll even find one you don’t know the ending of and you can act like all is right in the world.

Eshelmania is a weekly sports column brought to you by Newman baseball player and staff writer Aaron Eshelman

Courtesy Photo provided by UnSplash