Who can still be found on Newman's campus?

By Spencer Jacobson, Staff Writer

Newman’s campus, like those of many universities, is essentially shut down amid COVID-19 concerns. Classrooms that would be full of students on a normal Monday sit empty, and faculty offices are shut up tight.

But a few people are still roaming around this college ghost town.

Clark Schafer, director of university relations, said that for now, all the University’s departments remain operational with most people working from home, but that those providing direct services to students and those who are challenged due to technology are still working on campus.

Some of these include housing staff, library staff, security, some financial aid personnel, housekeeping and maintenance teams. Select members from the enrollment, campus ministries, and university relations departments are also still working on campus..

And although there are still a few faculty members working on campus, Schafer said, students should reach out to their faculty members for Zoom meetings as needed.

“Faculty and key support staff have put in an incredible amount of work to transition classes from in-person to online experiences while maintaining the outstanding education that our community expects,” he said. “The University administration is grateful to all of our faculty for tackling this major challenge with passion, professionalism and an unwavering dedication and focus for our students”

Because of health concerns, some of the university’s buildings remain locked. However, Morris Floyd, director of security, said that with prior arrangement, students needing access to these buildings will be let in.

For example, Schafer said, the library is open but students will need to reach out to staff to gain access.

Floyd said that with staff from most areas of the University working from home, it is pretty lonely on campus right now.

“The ‘new normal’ is here for now, and we are trying to adjust,” he said.

Schafer said that the university’s current arrangement is subject to change.

“University administration is constantly monitoring information regarding the outbreak and based on changes in the pandemic could make decisions that could alter the current plan,” he said.

Courtesy photo provided by Newman Advancement