Easter celebrated in new ways this year

By Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

Easter looked different for families across the world this year, who were forced to break traditions and create new ones due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Most people celebrate Easter by going to church and gathering with family, both of which were challenged by the virus this year. From what I have heard, many people still attended an online Mass or church service,” Father Adam Grelinger said.

Although Easter 2020 was unique, Newman students found fun ways to still celebrate.

“Usually for Easter, we enjoy dressing up in our new clothes, and going to church, then coming home and eating a huge lunch with grandparents,” freshman Caroline Williams said. “However, this year we watched our church’s livestream in our living room, and had a big lunch with just our immediate family. We still really enjoyed our time together.”

Despite the limitations, Grelinger said, it’s important to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.

“In the Catholic Church, Easter day continues for eight days. It is far too momentous a victory to celebrate for only one day,” he said. “Thus, Easter continues through this coming Sunday. To continue celebrating, which I encourage, we can read the resurrection accounts in the gospels, pray with friends, family and eat candy.”

Although the pandemic may have changed how Easter looked for families all over the United States, many churches decided to continue their services through online access, and families continued their Easter egg hunts and many other traditions.

“I missed the usual football or basketball games in the front yard with my cousins,” sophomore Ivan Balavage said. “Overall, I really just missed having family together and sharing laughs. We still had dinner and celebrated but it just was not quite the same.”

Courtesy Photo ,UnSplash