Why finding the silver lining is more important than ever

Murphy Obershaw, Copy Editor

Things are definitely not at their best right now, and if I am being honest, saying that is an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing people to struggle not just physically, but emotionally, socially and economically too.

In these hard times, it is difficult for people to see the silver lining. Though nothing I can say will take away the bad, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some good still to be found.

We all may be asked to stay home, but this gives us more time to spend with family. Before COVID-19, there were plenty of times where families weren’t together because every family member was running on their own schedule.

Since I live on campus normally, I see my family only about once a month. Now, with the stay-at-home order, my family and other families finally get to spend quality time together. Sure, tensions can get high when people can’t leave the house, but now people actually have the time and opportunity to reacquaint themselves with those in their own families.

Now that everyone is told to say inside, more people are getting outside. Before COVID-19, people were stuck in the habit of going to school or work all day and relaxing in front of the TV at night and on the weekends to recharge. People weren’t going outside as much as they used to in years past, but now people are sick of being inside and going outside.

Though we are under stay-at-home orders, people are still allowed to go for walks or ride their bikes outside. People are able and willing to actually take time to enjoy the fresh air, and going out for a walk or riding a bike is great exercise.

Since people aren’t driving around as much, they don’t have to spend as much money on gas. Even if they did need gas, they would be saving money anyway because the gas prices are so low.

Not only are people saving money, but the planet is also being saved. Less driving means less carbon emissions are being released and hurting the environment.

With people staying home, crime and car accidents have gone down. People aren’t going out as much, so the chances of them finding themselves in one of these situations are very slim.

Though people can’t go to work, class, the gym or concerts, that doesn’t mean everything in the world has halted. Clubs and organizations are still meeting over Zoom, gyms are making at home workout videos and musicians are streaming live concerts on social media.

Some people are really struggling during these times, but others have stepped up to help them out. Volunteers are making masks and gowns for hospitals, making meals for the homeless, distributing meals to kids on free and reduced lunch programs, making hand sanitizer, etc.

People are choosing to step up and help out those in need. It seems that while some people are on edge and getting angstier towards people than they normally would, others are being kinder and doing whatever they can to lessen the burden of others.

Courtesy Photo provided by UnSplash