A few thoughts from the class of 2020

By Murphy Obershaw, Copy Editor, Jack Schafer, Staff Writer, and Hope Eckley, Staff Writer

The virtual school year is coming to an end, and although it won’t come to a close in the way students may have envisioned, Newman University left its indelible mark on the graduating class of 2020 through a multitude of memories a few seniors would like to share.

Ed Jabbari, English forward for the men’s soccer team, said he will miss playing soccer at Newman.

“My favorite memory is scoring overtime goals,” Jabbari said. “I miss the team and the people.”

Jabbari was originally planning to play soccer in the United States but because of COVID-19, he’ll now be looking for a soccer team in England to play for.

Crystal Nguyen, a Wichita native who will be attending the University of Kansas’ School of Medicine next year said what she will miss most is the “community of friends, peers, and mentorship that pushes everyone to be the best version of themselves.”

Lucas Farney is a theatre major and member of the Sloppy Joes Improv Troupe, which he has fond memories of.

“What I will miss most are the late-night rehearsals and study sessions that always went later than they should’ve because we ended up talking about everything that life has to offer,” he said.

His plan is to move to California after paying off some student loans.

Farney also said he will miss the memories he made with friends and teachers.

“Most of all, I will miss the feeling that no matter where I go on campus, no matter the time, I can always find companionship," he said.

Koby Nguyen said he will remember the people he got to know during his time at Newman.

"I’m going to miss the lasting friendships I made with those on the baseball team my first two years and those I interacted with in campus ministry," Nguyen said. "I am going to miss the teachers and the passion they brought every day. I’m going to miss daily Mass and serving on Sundays."

After Nguyen graduates, his plans are to attend Kenrick-Glennon seminary in Missouri to study pre-theology and further discern the priesthood.

Senior Martina Viale, an international student from Italy, said some of her best times at Newman were spent singing.

“I will definitely miss having the opportunity to be in Chorale and Troubadours and share my passion with my friends and the rest of the Newman and Wichita community,” she said.