Here's some pro tips for wearing masks

By Madeline Alvarez, Editor-In-Chief

Do you love wearing a mask? I don’t. Who does? But since wearing one has become as necessary for going out in public as putting on a shirt or a pair of shoes, we might as well learn to live with this new article of clothing.

Here are some tips on how to be as comfortable as you can be in a mask because I want to see you out in society (as much as I want to see your whole face, though, please only show your eyes and forehead), and I don’t want you to have to stay home because you can’t get comfortable in the darn thing.

Stay Hydrated

When I first started wearing a mask, I was getting bad headaches. I thought this was normal until I told some friends and their response, instead of, “Oh, yeah, me, too,” like I expected, was actually, “Really? How come?” And that’s when I realized I needed to change something because it couldn’t be healthy.

So I Googled (as one does) “Reasons for getting a headache while wearing a mask” and the tip that came back was to drink more water.

Let’s face it: Masks are incredibly annoying to wear while eating or drinking because you have to do so much more than just raise  the bottle or fork to your mouth. Now you have to unhook your mask from at least one ear and try to keep it from falling off the other, or take it off entirely and make sure it doesn’t touch anything while you try to take a swig of the water, coffee, or sugary beverage (hey, I don’t judge) that you carry around.

And with all the hassle, it’s sometimes easier to just go thirsty. But don’t make that mistake!

Staying hydrated is now more important than ever. So please, remember to keep hydrated. After I started drinking more water, my headaches went away.

Masking and glasses

Fortunately, I wear contact lenses so I haven’t had to wear glasses with my mask yet. But I know that as the semester goes on and I start pulling all nighters, I’m going to have to wear glasses, and I want to be prepared for doing that so I won’t be frustrated with my glasses fogging up. A few of my friends have had this problem, too. So let’s learn together.

Tightening your face mask while wearing glasses will help decrease the fog. You can even try to use medical or athletic tape to try to keep your mask glued to (kidding, just in place on) your nose. Placing your glasses on top of your mask also helps. You may also need to push your glasses farther down on your nose than you usually do.

Spice it up

While most people don’t enjoy wearing face masks, it can make it easier when you like the design on your mask. We can’t see each other’s faces anymore, and that’s kind of sad. But one way to still feel beautiful (or handsome) is to wear masks with designs you enjoy. I’ve seen a lot of fun masks on campus, from floral patterns to Harry Potter themed masks to tie-dyes. I know that when I see one that’s colorful, it brightens my day, and when I wear one I love, I feel more confident.

Stay safe guys!

PHOTO: Leanne Vastbinder, Opinions and Online Editor.