Four new members added to the Board of Trustees

By Marie O'Neal, Staff Writer

The Newman Board of Trustees, a group that helps make decisions for the university, welcomed four new members earlier this year. Each will serve a three-year term.

The three new members recommended  by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ  (ASC) sisters are Lori Benge, ASC Ministry of Vocations Director and 2013 alumna Executive Director of Catholic Charities Wendy Glick, and Diana Stanley from the class of 2017.

The diocesan representative, selected by Chair of the Board J.T. Klaus and Newman President Kathleen Jagger, is Bishop Carl Kemme. Kemme will replace Father Mike Simone, who was the previous diocesan representative.

Stanley said she was honored to accept her nomination to the Board of Trustees. She was chosen to serve on the board by the Adorer’s regional team.

“It’s such an honor to be able to give back to an institution that I love and admire as much as Newman,” she said.

Stanley is working as an associate attorney at Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer, LC.

She said she’s excited to assume her role as a board member.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know Newman in this different role,” she said. “In the past I saw it from a student perspective, so it’s interesting to be on the other side of it.”

The representatives became members at the September board meeting.

In addition, the president of the university always serves on the board, so the board welcomed President Kathleen Jagger, who started her role at Newman on July 1, 2020.

Klaus said that apart from acclimating its new members, the board will “focus on enrollment as a key factor of success for the university.”

PHOTO: Hadassah Umbarger, Staff Writer