Make your vote count: stand up for human rights

By Keean Bush, Guest Writer

Everyone is tired of hearing about the election. The entire world is watching the United States this year for their own personal reasons, but the pressure is on.

For the most part, voters have decided and possibly already voted for whichever candidate appealed to them the most, and because both of them are less than great choices, a lot of voters that are either leaning left or are on the left have had to settle with Biden.

Joe Biden is a better choice than some of the democratic nominees we could have been stuck with, but all-in-all, for me and a lot of other far left or far progressive people, he isn’t an ideal choice. He isn’t nearly as far left as a lot of Republican politicians have said he is - that’s more than apparent from just looking at his campaign website.

However, as a trans, queer, and disabled person, I have to be conscientious about how whoever wins this election is going to try to restrict my rights to healthcare, to get married, and to generally exist in the United States harassment and discrimination-free.

If you have queer friends, Black friends, trans friends, or have any respect for the minorities this country has actively tried to snuff out since its very beginning, then I want to make sure you know just how dire the situation really is for us.

We aren’t playing a game. Politics isn’t something that we can just “stay out of.” This election will decide if the United States will have four more years of policies that actively take rights away from those that are the most vulnerable or if we can start to reverse the human rights violations that have come one after the other since 2016. Decisions that can and will impact the people that you call friends will be made by the man elected to office.

No, Joe Biden isn’t the man that I would like to see as President of the United States. Honestly, I wish that we weren’t in such a position to have to pick one man in his 70s or the other. However, I will say that if you vote for Donald Trump, you are willing to support white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism and are complicit in all of the atrocities that he will go on to commit.

Queer, Black, trans, and disabled people are screaming for you to open your eyes to how voting for Trump will hurt them. So, are you going to listen? Or are you going to turn a deaf ear?

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