Coelacanth 2020 journal debuts after COVID-19 delays

By Murphy Obershaw, A&E Editor

The 2020 edition of Newman’s literary journal, Coelacanth, was released on Tuesday.

The release was held in Jabara Flexible Theatre and was attended by the students who edited the journal, students who were published in the journal, English faculty, friends and family. Most of the attendees were there in person while a few joined via Zoom. Students who had  poetry or prose pieces published in Coelacanth were invited to read them or excerpts from them for the audience.

Towards the end of the event, Professor of English and Faculty Advisor for Coelacanth Bryan Dietrich announced the winners and runners up for poetry and prose prizes. The runner-up for poetry was Joseph Mick for his poem “Don Rockwell,” and the winner was Nathan Yeager for his poem “Target at 7:40 a.m.” The runner-up for prose was Madeline Alvarez for her short story “The Weight of a Name,” and the winner was Cole Schnieders for his short story “Smash the Car.”

Coelacanth is usually released during Lit Fest in the spring, but this edition was not because Lit Fest was earlier in the semester than normal. A separate release was going to take place sometime later in the semester, but it was delayed when classes were moved online because of COVID-19.

Copies of the 2020 edition of Coelacanth are free and available in McNeil on a shelf next to office 322.

The Coelacanth editors are already taking submissions for the 2021 edition that will be released next semester if Newman continues to have in-person classes. Undergraduates from any university can submit poetry, prose, and art to

PHOTO: Leanne Vastbinder, Opinion and Online Editor