Residence halls to stay open over break, fees charged for some

By Taylor Stevens, Staff Writer

The Newman University dorms will still be open after Thanksgiving break, even though classes will move online.

But the setup will be a bit different. Fees and move-out dates have slightly changed because of COVID-19.

Interim Director of Residence Life Turner Middendorf said that students will have two different time periods where they can check out of their dorms, which is not normally done. The first checkout period started Wednesday and runs through Sunday. The second checkout period will be during finals week for those who choose to stay in their dorm after Thanksgiving break.

"As of right now, we have roughly just a little over half of our residents who are staying from in between the two breaks,” Middendorf said.

The students who stay between Thanksgiving and winter break will not have to pay any extra fees during that time. The students who want to stay during winter break will have to pay $30 per day to stay in the residence halls. The only exception to that is if they are an international student or a student participating in a winter sport or practicing, Middendorf said.

Students who live in Fugate Hall do not have to pay extra fees either, Middendorf said.

Students who are staying on campus after Thanksgiving break will still have access to the cafeteria with adjusted hours. Next week, the cafeteria will be open Monday through Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. for lunch and again for dinner from 5 to 6 p.m. The cafeteria will close Thanksgiving Day and will remain closed until Sunday, Nov. 29.

Starting Monday, Nov. 30, through Friday, Dec. 11, the cafeteria will be operating under normal hours, Middendorf said. The cafeteria will be closed from Saturday, Dec. 12 to Monday, Jan. 11.

On Tuesday, Jan.12, the cafeteria will be open for brunch hours for those who have to come back to campus early. On Tuesday, Jan. 19, the cafeteria will open back up for normal hours.

The move in dates will be Sunday, Jan. 17, through Monday, Jan. 18, for those who need an extra day, Middendorf said.

Middendorf said he and Dean of Students Christine Schneikart-Luebbe sent an email asking students stuck on campus on Thanksgiving if they wanted to celebrate together.

“I have only gotten one response for that, so I don’t know if we are going to be able to do that,” Middendorf said.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Newman Advancement