Here are some humble fashion opinions

By Marie O'Neal, Staff Writer

Recently, my sweet friend, Sarah, asked me for some fashion tips so that she could match my “hipster aesthetic.” (Her words, not mine).

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I’m not exactly the type of person who has any aesthetic and to think someone would consider me hipster... I was flattered. And  more than willing to give Sarah my *fashion* advice.

To give you all a little back story, I made the conscious decision to quit buying into the fast fashion industry about two years ago (haha, get it? Buying into). Anyway, besides a few very select articles of clothing, I haven’t purchased anything from a retail store for about two years now, and that makes me pretty happy.

Now, I could give you all of the reasons why fast fashion contributes to climate change or how the people making those clothes are often exploited and work for very little, but I will save you that soapbox. I am only throwing it in as a segway to say: Thrift, Thrift, THRIFT!

And because I can’t resist, I have to throw in a couple of reasons why thrifting is the coolest:

Not buying things that are new is really cool. Just think: Someone’s grandpa could have worn your “new” favorite sweater, and maybe it was his favorite, too. You become connected to someone you’ve never met before.

You save so much money. I, a college senior, am balling on a budget, and love a great deal. (Who doesn’t?)

You can rest guilt-free knowing you are not actively contributing to unethical realities that allow the fast fashion industry to thrive.

Here are my quick fashion tips (coming from a very underqualified/amateur fashionista) if you are also looking to express yourself through your clothing.

Layers. I feel like layering (especially high neck things under low neck things) is flattering.

Quit fast fashion, and try to experiment by using different items you already own. You really don’t need to buy that much.

Don’t feel like you have to find the coolest items of clothing. Wear things because you like them.

If you buy clothes, try online thrift stores like Poshmark, Thredup, or local thrift stores, and gently-used, second-hand stores.

Have three pairs of shoes that you rotate religiously so that they’re very worn in, helping everyone know you’ve “been through it.”

Don’t be afraid to wear baggy/mom jeans and loose-fitting tops.

Don’t wash your hair every day.

Don’t buy something unless you really like it or have a vision for how you plan to wear it.

Don’t be too afraid if it doesn’t look super high in quality. We’re in college.

I feel like a lot of my clothes are colors you can find in nature.

I like trying to mix cool textures/fabrics/patterns together—even if my mom thinks they don’t match.

Don’t be afraid to try to alter clothes yourself—cut it, hem it, and make it your own!

Don’t limit yourself to a particular “vibe.”On any particular day, I could give off a different type of style. There are many reasons why I pick out an outfit.

Wear what makes you feel happy, confident, and like sunshine (unless you don’t want to feel like sunshine on a particular day. Then wear whatever reflects your current mood.)

If you take away nothing else from this article, and really, it’s ok if you found nothing particularly useful, please remember that what you wear does not contribute to your inherent worth as a human, but it can be a fun way to show others your spicy personality.

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