Old coffee shop space to become the Jet Refuel Station

By Spencer Jacobson, Staff Writer

SGA has plans to revitalize a space in the Dugan Library into a lounge for students, specifically commuter students.

This space, which was previously Scooter’s Coffee and then The Newman Grind, will begin transitioning into the Jet Refuel Station following the first SGA meeting of the semester on Feb. 3.

SGA does not yet have a specific date for when the space will be open to students.

SGA President Gabby Altenor said that the space has been thought of as a student space for many years and that it has provided students, particularly commuter students, with a quiet place to “rest, relax, and recharge.”

“Throughout the duration of a given day, one could always find students in Scooter’s or The Grind enjoying food, taking a quick nap, having casual meetings amongst friends and much more,” she said.

Altenor said that SGA wants the Jet Refuel Station to be similar in that it will also be a place where students can relax.

“Even if students cannot have access to the same delicacies available through Scooter’s Cafe and The Newman Grind, SGA believes that it can provide something for students in that respect,” she said. “We hope to make it a comfortable space with select amenities so that students can enjoy them in their free time.”

Altenor said that SGA hopes to have snacks and food available for purchase but that it will need time to work out those logistics.

Altenor said SGA is open to suggestions from students as to what they would like to see in the Jet Refuel Station.

“We are extremely excited to cultivate this space for the students,” Altenor said.

SGA meets every Wednesday at noon in Bishop Gerber Science Center room 105.

Scooter’s Coffee closed Dec. 2018 because of a decline in student business and the added cost of the food on the menu.

The Newman Grind closed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, University Advancement