Runway encourages students to enroll for fall semester now

By Hadassah Umbarger, Staff Writer

Fall registration opened up Monday, and students are now able to sign up for classes for the fall 2021 semester.

Scott Mudloff, advisor for Special Populations, is encouraging students to do it sooner than later.

“(We want to) make sure everybody’s getting their classes that they need, staying on their graduation plans, staying on that pathway,” Mudloff said.

Mudloff warned that students who don’t enroll early may run the risk of not being able to take classes that they need.

“I was looking today, and some classes are already full,” Mudloff said. “So it’s important that students don’t delay and get in there and get the schedule that they want.”

Mudloff said that students need to keep three main things in mind when they’re registering for the fall semester:

1: Log into Jetstream and make sure information is up-to-date

“You can, on Jetstream, update your anticipated graduation dates and your personal info. Those are important pieces of information for both the student and for us,” Mudloff said.

Mudloff also said that a surprising number of students have incorrect contact information on their Jetstream accounts and that the university can’t contact them if that’s the case.

2: Check your balance

Mudloff said that students should meet with Student Accounts to set up a payment plan. “One of those holds that many students find themselves having is a student account hold, and what that typically means is they have a balance a little too high,” Mudloff said.

Mudloff said that students who find themselves in this situation should contact Student Accounts by emailing or by calling the university and dialing the extension 2168.

“That will connect them to our student account rep, and they can set up a payment plan and see how much they owe and basically get the balance paid down so we can get that hold removed,” Mudloff said.

3: Check your financial aid portal

“You need to make sure things are taken care of, like filling out your FAFSA for next year, and accepting loans if you need them,” Mudloff said. “All of that is important stuff that we need to make sure we’re looking at.”

Mudloff also said that students should review their scholarship requirements before enrolling.

In addition to those three main points, Mudloff said that students should be aware of other holds that they might have, especially meningitis and tuberculosis vaccination holds. Those holds could give students problems when they’re trying to register for classes.

“If you live in the residence halls, Kansas law requires you to have meningitis shot, or we need to have a waiver that you declined it on file for us,” Mudloff said. He said that students with a meningitis hold should contact Turner Middendorf in Residence Life at or call the university and dial the extension 2425.

“Another one of those fun Kansas laws is that every student that sets foot in one of our classrooms needs to have completed a tuberculosis screening questionnaire,” Mudloff said.

He said the questionnaire consists of five questions, and depending on the answers, students might be asked to submit proof of a tuberculosis skin test. To resolve a tuberculosis hold, Mudloff said that students should contact Student Life, either at the email or call the university and dial the extension 2200.

Students who haven’t heard from their advisers yet should reach out to them to begin registering for classes, Mudloff said. While students will do the actual registering online, their advisers will need to give them permission, and students meeting with their advisers can help ensure that they are on track to graduate when they plan to.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Newman Advancement