Looking back on a memorable Halloween experience

By: Emily Hua, Staff Writer

I had the best Halloween experience this year. My friend, Catherine Madison, hosted a small, housewarming party and invited me and our common friends. We planned lots of fun Halloween activities, such as painting pumpkins, watching Disney movies, and doing puzzles.

However, when we went to Walmart to buy pumpkins, they were sold out. We were so disappointed, and we debated what we should get to paint. Catherine suggested getting winter squash, while our friend, Stephanie Madrigal, suggested getting oranges. I suggested getting spaghetti squash because it has a larger surface area and can stand like a pumpkin. Most importantly, it was cheap and only cost about $2.

We ended up getting spaghetti squash. While we were at Walmart, Stephanie suggested getting brownie mix and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Then, we went to get food. We got Chick N Max for our dinner. It was hilarious because our friend, Austin Fullerton, was dressed up as a chicken. When he went into the restaurant, a staff member  joked with him by asking, “Are you ready?” when he was holding the deep fry basket. We laughed out loud because it was so funny. Austin said, “Hey guys, protect me.”

When we got back to Catherine’s house, we ate our dinner and my friends began baking the brownies. We wanted to record a video while we baked brownies because we wanted to save our fun Halloween memories.

While my friends were baking brownies, I was doing my homework. It was very calming and enjoyable to see them baking brownies and debating how long brownies should be baked because we didn’t know the size of the pan.

I said it took about 30 minutes. Catherine said 32 minutes. Austin said 26 minutes. Stephanie said 24 minutes.

While we were waiting for the brownies to be baked, we watched a Disney movie: “Muppets Haunted Mansion.” It was a good movie. We also painted our squash while we watched the movie because we thought it was fun to multi-task.

I drew my favorite character, Snoopy, on my squash. Catherine drew an Easter egg. Stephanie drew a NU logo with a cross sign. Austin drew a star expanding with different colors. We laughed at each others’ art.

After 30 minutes, the brownies were done. We ate the brownies and finished the movies. We then helped wash dishes and cleaned our place and finished the small party by working on puzzles.

I loved spending time around them. Even if we didn’t have an actual pumpkin for our Halloween, our party was filled with laughter, joys, and elation. They made me realize that sometimes, happiness is just that simple.

PHOTO: Emily Hua, Staff Writer