Campus Activities Board plans event to promote exercise

By: Madeline Alvarez, Managing Editor

Are you wanting the opportunity to burn calories before the winter holidays begin? Newman’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) is hosting a Field Day on Wednesday with several games that will be sure to get your blood pumping.

Director of Student Activities Chris Mershon said the event will provide the opportunity for students to engage in friendly competition.

“Nothing extremely competitive or anything but just a time for everybody to hang out and have fun and blow off some steam,” she said.

Student CAB member Mai Nanh-Dao said there will be several games played throughout the evening, including dodgeball, ultimate football and capture the flag. Hayden Jones, Newman’s Director of Athletic Performance, will be directing the event and refereeing the games, Dao said.

The games will last about 30 minutes each and there will be breaks in between with snacks, Dao said. CAB will provide Gatorade and protein bars for participants.

“It’ll be just a fun Field Day, very athletic, just to get the students up and running before they hit the holidays the next weekend and smother themselves with yummy, delicious Thanksgiving food,” Dao said.

Dao said she hopes the event will attract a variety of students.

“I just know that this is creating a very athletic and energetic event that would really appeal to a lot of students, especially athletes, who make up our population,” she said. “So hopefully that will draw a crowd from athletic people as well as the general students who aren’t in any athletic teams to come in to participate.”

The event is free, but Mershon said that CAB asks those who plan to participate to RSVP by Wednesday morning in a Google form she sent in an email on Monday. She said this is so CAB can create teams for the event and can prepare to have enough snacks on hand.

The location was scheduled for the practice soccer field, but Dao said that CAB is looking for another location to host it because sunset is getting earlier at this time of year.

Field Day will happen from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday. The location is still being determined.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, Unsplash