Student Workers get a dollar pay raise

By: Alexis Stallard, Staff Writer

Newman University has plenty of student job openings and is attempting to make these jobs more appealing with a recent financial change. Newman has made the decision to raise the minimum wage for its student workers by $1. The original rate of $7.25 per hour was officially raised to $8.25 per hour.

Newman Vice President of Finance Anthony Beata said the decision came in an attempt to fill the multiple current student worker openings.

“We hope the increased pay will help our positions be more attractive to our students,” he said in an email.

Beata said that he feels student jobs are beneficial and provide great learning experience and resume-boosting opportunities.

“Student worker positions are important for the university. In addition to providing jobs for Newman students, they can provide valuable professional experience and resume enhancements,” Beata said.

Beata also said that on-campus jobs can be convenient for students with busy schedules, as many of the jobs are accommodating to their classes.

“Our students are very busy and it can be difficult to fit work into their already busy schedules. Student worker positions can be very beneficial for them, since they often can fit their hours in between other obligations while they’re on campus,” he said.

There are currently eight student worker positions listed as available. Any students wishing to apply for a position on campus can visit the Newman website and search “job openings” in the search bar.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, University Relations