Worth the hype: I got hooked on the 'Euphoria' high

By: Joshua Robles, A&E Editor

“Euphoria,” the hit show starring Zendaya as Rue Bennett, aired its Season 2 finale on Sunday. It is a great show, and it’s the type of show I would have never thought I’d get into. But after just a few episodes, the series, which airs on HBO and HBO Max, pulled me in.

The finale and Season 2 as a whole were really good, I thought. Let’s talk about the finale, and I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum. The finale closed up some of the storylines that were created during the season. We saw the beef end between Maddie, played by Alexa Demie, and Cassie, played by Sydney Sweeney. We also saw the relationship end between Rue and Jules, who is played by Hunter Schafer.

We also saw the most heartbreaking moment ever in the show — the possible death of one of my favorite characters. I say possible because the camera cut away, so hopefully, the scene was intended just to get a reaction and the character isn’t actually gone. We also saw the storyline end between Nate, played by Jacob Elordi, and his dad, Cal, played by Eric Dane.

Finally the show ended with what would most likely start the next season: Rue walking away, leaving questions about what's next for her.

I thought the finale was great. I also liked the whole season in general. One thing I didn’t like though was the disappearance of Chris McKay, played by Algee Smith. He appeared only once this season, and it bothers me because he used to be my favorite but now it’s like he’s not even on the show anymore.

Also, a lot of people who watch the show dislike Nate, and I can see why they do. But unpopular opinion: He’s a top five character for me. My top five favorite characters are Elliot at one, Rue at two, then Fezco played by Angus Cloud at three, followed by Ashtray played by Javon Walton at four, and lastly Nate. I relate to these characters in different ways, and I think these characters make “Euphoria” what it is.

The show has been blowing up everywhere on social media, and I think it’s worth the hype. It is about high schoolers and some wild situations. I believe this is why the show is doing so well. It focuses on young people and has interesting storylines. Plus, the show doesn’t just follow one character. It follows multiple characters who each have individual story lines.

With all good shows come people who simply don’t like them or just hate on them for no reason. I’ve noticed mostly on social media, especially Twitter and TikTok, that guys hate on the show without even watching it or only watching a few episodes. (Many say they’re uncomfortable with some of the “scenery” in the show.)

But I think everyone should give it a chance because they might just end up liking it. I say this because honestly, I only started watching it because of Zendaya then I found myself watching episode after episode.

“Euphoria” has great camera work and lighting, and many of the shots look very dream-like. It’s put together well, though its storyline — which deals with drug use, sex and violence — has made it somewhat controversial. But it is rated TV-MA, which means it may not be suitable for anyone under 17.

Plus, I don’t think shows in general influence someone’s decision making in those areas. At the end of the day, people do things they want to do, not because a show told them to do it.

PHOTO: Courtesy photo, HBO